Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At Least Hillary Saluted.

In the opening days of his administration, President Hussein waxed romantic about his role model, Abraham Lincoln.

There's just one catch: President Lincoln respected the national flag. Mr. Hussein, you're no Lincoln.

President Hussein has always insisted that he does not need the flag to show his patriotism. What's curious is this: if one makes a specific point of refusing to salute the flag, what other reason can their be to do so, than to rebel against the reasons that people have to salute it in the first place?

If Pres. Hussein does not need to salute the flag to show his patriotism, then guess what folks -- there is absolutely no need for me to show any respect for Pres. Hussein, to prove MY patriotism. He is free to disrespect the flag, therefore: I am free to disrespect HIM, and still be considered patriotic.

Let me borrow a few words from the Dixie Chicks: I'm ashamed to come from the same country as our current President.

Already people have been asking me why I heap so much vitriol upon His Innocence, Saint Obama. My answer is this: if the entire liberal media can get away with their savage hatred for Sarah Palin, then a small insignificant blogger like me should be able to get away with insulting Hussein Obama.

It is precisely because of all the poisonous hate liberals had for Sarah that I have in return declared a war of equal hate against liberal hypocrites who preach tolerance, and then publicly smear a working mother of a special needs child.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Bucky, looks like we moonbat slayers have our work cut out for us! I've noticed the media is still trying to make John McCain into a whipping boy whenever he opposes something on Obonga's agenda. I've also noticed the liberals have another poster child on the rise: Barney Frank! I've already hashed out some unkosher things about that turd burglar kook! He won't be poking God in the eye forever; something terrible is coming his way.