Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liberals Hack Palin's Email.

The lovely and brilliant Michelle Malkin posted to her blog that "love and tolerance" liberals hacked into Sarah Palin's private email account, raided her family pictures, and spread the results of their ransack all across the web. This is the sort of thing Liberals always trashed Nixon about, now they do it themselves. Just another example of Liberal hypocrisy.

Liberals are lucky that I am not a skilled hacker -- oh, the things I could do! Maybe, just maybe, there are some Republican hackers out there who have an itch for some payback. Now would certain be a good time for them to swing into action.

Do Liberals honestly think this would change my mind about their politics? Because of this, I have an even lower opinion of them, and a deeper resolve to fight them for the rest of my life.

Read it on Michelle's blog. [link]


Rob said...

I think calling Anonymous a group of "liberals" is a stretch. More like bored 14 year olds.

They also hacked John Edwards's online office in Second Life, messed with Lindsay Lohan's Myspace page, etc. etc. etc. If they were liberals they wouldn't have messed with Edwards.

They're just a bunch of bored kids who get their jollies out of messing with people online. Palin gave them an opportunity by being lax with her Yahoo e-mail and using it for state business, so they went after her.

But to blame this on Democrats or liberals in general is to distort the reality of the group.

They hang around on the /b/ forum of if you want to see them for yourself. It's mostly a venue for making offensive jokes, posting porn, and playing pranks like this. Left-wing revolution it is not.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Sarah Palin's E-Mail Hacked

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

So you all are saying that it's ok to break Federal Law, just to take her private family photos and spread them around the web? Gary Condit used private emails to hide his affairs, and to obscure his role with Chandra Levy. So who cares then, if Sarah doesn't want to communicate on state servers? A lot of Demoncrats have a lot more to hide that she does. If you all think this is so proper, how about sending me passwords to all your private accounts, so I can spread your stuff around the web? I didn't think so.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

It's the old "blame the victim" excuse hacker's use. "She was lax, so she was begging to be hacked." So if my neighbor leaves his door unlocked, it gives me the right to enter his house and take his stuff? Please.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

The results of the hack were published for public consumption by and Entire liberal organizations condone and support the act.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Rob and Chus:

Are you two for real, or are you part of the DUMB AND DUMBER crowd? Are you from the planet BIMBO? Consider yourselves fortunate that Bucky has tried to set you two straight. If I ever find you guys on the My Fox sites, you guys will be dog food when I'm finished with you.

Rob said...

Wow. You sure are persistent. And great at threatening to turn me into "dog food" on a news forum. I sure am scared of tough guys on the internet!

If you had actually read my post instead of making a bunch of strawman arguments, you'd discover a few things:

1) I didn't "blame the victim." I don't think it's right to hack into Palin's e-mail and never claimed that.

What I claimed was that she didn't have tight enough security considering her status as a VP pick. And guess what! Based on the fact that she got hacked, apparently I her security WASN'T up to snuff, and let her e-mails be compromised by a bunch of pimply teenagers.

If you want to get technical they didn't even *hack* anything--they did a Google search to find out the answers to the "I Forgot My Password" questions. No writing code or running malicious programs. Just Google.

If someone can use Google to access your e-mail, then your security isn't that great. I'm not off base saying that.

2)Tell me where I said it was okay to break federal law.

Oh yeah! I didn't. Since when does Gary Condit doing the wrong thing make it okay for anyone else to do it too? That's like saying that if the mayor takes a bribe, then it's okay for the police chief to do the same!

Most politicians have something to hide, left or right.

3) When did I act as a cheerleader for the sites that put up the screenshots? When did I endorse it or say it was a-okay?

Oh yeah, I didn't! I don't think it's okay, and I agree that they shouldn't have done it. It's not *illegal* for them to do it, but it's not the right thing.

But when do media outlets ever do the right thing? They post it because it gets them more ratings and web traffic. I personally apologize for reality being so imperfect.

4) What I was saying--before you decided to insult me over a bunch of stuff I *didn't* say--was this.

The people who did the actual "hacking" weren't doing it because they're in the tank with Obama and the Democrats. They're not on anyone's payroll, not on anyone's team.

They're a bunch of nerds with lots of free time who like to make mischief. They recently tricked Oprah into saying one of their personal inside jokes on the air--just to see if they could.

If they're cyber-soldiers of the liberal army, why did they harass John Edwards's online presence in Second Life a few years ago? They trashed his virtual office and covered it with porn and swastikas. Does that sound like something a bunch of liberals would do?

So cool your jets about some great cyber-conspiracy. Assholes come in all political denominations, and some assholes (like the e-mail hackers) are just assholes for the sake of being, well, assholes.

Which means you shouldn't go BAAAAAWing "it's the PC-fascist liberal gay agenda at work!!!!11" whenever something bad happens to your candidate on the internet.


I look forward to your response, which I'm sure will be full of arguments against more things I'm not saying (but are easier to argue against and justify your sense of persecution) and childish name-calling.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

I never said anything about dog-food. Yes, you ARE blaming the victim. You keep saying over and over that she was lax in her security. You are still implying then that she deserved what she got. Get it through your head – nobody forced the hacker to enter her account. Her lax security did not necessitate the hack. Your continual insistence that her lax security made her deserve it says that it is ok to break the law. I said nothing of Conspiracy. I said it is typical of liberal tacticts. Hacking is not about writing code. Hacking is going into places you aren’t allowed to go, whether you use code or not. You are the one distorting my words. The hacker is the son of a Democrat Congressman. Large Liberal activist groups, such as MoveOn, took the material he stole and published it all over their websites, and spread it on the web. In your own words above you mention how the groups did that. The act makes them complicit in the hack. 4Chan itself is also filled with mostly liberals. If hackers trashed Edwards, that only means they’re STUPID liberals. They are anti-establishment, that makes them liberal. You’re the one with the sense of persecution, because you can’t handle my posts about the hackers you defend. On my own blog, I’m perfectly free to answer anything I want, as many times as I want. Liberals are masters at the art of name-calling, so if they can do it, I can too. I will call liberals every name I can think of. What’s childish is your defense of pimple-heads.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

You're right...assholes come in all denominations, especially liberal assholes like you who leave huge comment rants on a conservative blog.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...
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Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

By all means, feel free to waste even more of your time with even more keyboard masterbation about defending hackers. Get as angry at me as you want, the more the better. Guess what? My mouse will click the delete button....dumbass.

Rob said...

Isn't that what we're all doing? Masturbating with our keyboards?

Politics is usually most vehemently argued when people don't feel much is at stake.

It's been fun!

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

I have no problem with any intelligent points he wishes to make. But flooding a comment form with a huge page of incomprehensible nonsense accusing me of doing something that he does himself, filled with things that have absolutely no bearing to the issue at hand, either pro or con, is what I would call keyboard masturbation.