Thursday, September 25, 2008


In another recent example of the Liberal Derangement Foaming Mouth Disease aimed by the media at Sarah Palin, the liberal press is all aflutter about a recent video that surfaced Wednesday. The video shows her receiving a blessing from a pastor at her local church in Alaska a couple of years ago -- the pastor mentions something about protection from "witchcraft."

What really should be a small, non-event now has the liberal media shuddering, dancing, shrieking, and bobbing their spears up and down in their tribal frenzy of deranged paroxyms, desperate to grasp at any straw they can over Sarah Palin.

All I can say to this nonsense is GIMME A BREAK.

If the Obomination's Pastor can get away with saying "God Damn America," who cares what Sarah Palin's pastor says? If The Obominator can have his past as a Marxist completely ignored, why can't Sarah keep her Pentacostalism private?

I will vote for a Pentacostal candidate far, far sooner than a Godless Marxist one, any day of the week. Where's the Republican response? Why aren't Conservatives going to town and playing up Obama's past Marxism for all it is worth? Jesus! (and I mean that literally) -- conservatives and the Republicans these days just don't have any teeth!

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


Here's a swipe at the left wing that you might enjoy on YouTube:

It's titled "Barack Obama Wacky Political Slideshow".

Enjoy! I'll have a link posted very soon on my site. I hope you get a kick out of it!