Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Barbarians At The Gates.

History repeats itself.

Ancient Rome became weak, spoiled, and filled with "defeat-crats" and welfare hand-out politics. Citizens did everything they could to dodge service in the military, and soon their was no-one left to fight. As a result, when the Goths, Visigoths, Mongols, and Vandals appeared at the gates in various stages of Rome's decline, the Romans were TOO WEAK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. Rome got sacked.

See a familiar pattern?

American society is going down the same path to destruction. While the Left Wing Traitor Defeatocrat Liberal Peace-Pussies are hampering our ability to defend ourselves, Islamic terorrism is alive, well, and gaining strength in the suburbs. For example: Jihadis are very highly computer literate, and they use the Internet to organize, recruit, and spread their messages of Anti-Western hate speech as far and wide as possible.

See the article at BBC News [link] that discusses online Jihadism.

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