Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Defenders of Truth, Freedom, and American Food.

In an earlier post I ranted about liberal moonbat food-activists. In this post I'll show that there is hope.

Let me interest you in The Center For Consumer Freedom.[link]

Moonbat liberals accuse them of being corporate shills for the food industry, but the truth is that people who earn a living from food have banded together to protect themselves from the "green terrorism" of the moonbat food-activists. If it were my own livelihood on the line, I'd protect it from smear campaigns and junk science, too. It's the Capitalist way.

I'm not a coporation, but I'm a consumer who defends his food rights. I endorse and advocate helping the food companies protect themselves, because in doing so I'm protecting MYSELF.

I support The Center For Consumer Freedom, though they be corporate, because I don't want there to be a day when I get thrown in jail by P.E.T.A. agents for having a barbecue. I don't want my children brought up on charges for buying soda. I don't want a federal judge to accuse me of tax-evasion because I refused to pay a "fat-tax" on my fast food.

Either we help this group, or we face being tried and jailed by Liberal Moonbat food cops.

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