Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Los Alamos Documents Found In Trailer Park.

Authorities in New Mexico found classified documents in the posession of a Meth dealer.

Read the Yahoo! News article here. [link]

Let's think for a minute: if our nuclear secrets can end up in the hands of a simple, unsophisticated drug dealer, who else with a highly professional spy program can get their hands on our stuff? To answer that we can say: damn near anybody!

This sends a message to all foreign powers that instead of bribing our traitors with large sums of money, all they need to do is get a homey with his 'gats to roll up in his pimped-out ride, flash a little bling bling, and open up a drug dealership in the parking lots of all our high security installations. For a couple of grams of jack, they can get their hands on anything they want.

I've asked it once before -- why don't we get it over with and quit pretending we have any real security in this country. Let's just hand out our secrets to any Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants it. That will save time and money spent on worthless counter-intelligence agents.

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