Monday, October 30, 2006

Islamic Hate Speech.

Recently I mentioned how Google censored blogs and sites that criticised Islam. Google insisted they were "hate speech."

Here's a blog entry I think you'll be interested in: "Ok for Muslims to incite violence" [link]

The article shows a quote from an Islamic book that demands violence upon non-Muslims. Now tell me -- how on earth can this be anything having to do with peace? I'm so tired of Liberal Socialist Moonbat Whining Weanies trying to defend the rights of Islam, when Islam "as a whole" is an enemy to world peace.

One thing I guarantee -- if an Islamist does anything to harm anybody here in The Midwest, there are plenty of people here who will make sure he is buried face down pointing South, with pork sausage stuffed where the sun don't shine. Some people here would think nothing of spreading bacon grease and vodka all over a mosque, if they don't succeed in burning it down first.

Here in The MidWest we still fly The Gadsden Flag, we still protect ourselves and our kin. We don't take kindly to East Coast Liberal Pussy traitors who tell us we should endure Islamic violence lying down.

Oops. Was that hate speech? Shucks.

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