Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Get Your Laws Out Of My Dinnerplate, Commradeski.

It's a Liberal Moonbat technique as old as the hills.

Find a moral high-ground, then use it to cloak your agenda for increased regulation, and bigger socialist government.

Then main goal of Socialism is government control of all means of production, all industry, and all finance. Environmental laws grant government many, many avenues to use for control of entire industries. If a government doesn't like your company, they can use evironment laws to shut you down. If a goverment wants your company to conform to socialist policy of any kind, they can use environment regulation to threaten a shutdown.

The latest salvo in the barrage of socialist attack on the freedom of private industry is food. The vanguard of this socialist assualt on freedom is The Center for Science in the Public Interest. This group takes it upon themselves to dictate to the rest of society how they think we should live. Routinely they lobby the government for changes in policy on food, such as regulating salt as if it were a toxic chemical.

I'm serious. These people want plain old salt to be regulated as a toxic chemical. [link] It may be true that salt can have a negative impact on health when used improperly, but these people care more about government regulation than they do about public health.

The real kicker is that these are the same people who tell the government to stay out of women's wombs, they say that patients have the right to kill themselves, but heaven forbid we should all have too much salt.

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