Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Evironmental" President Grants Exemptions for Toxins.

Ok, folks. I'm going to be a moon-bat today.

The truth is, this post involves AREA 51.

Yes, that's right, area 51. You know, the stuff of every conspiracy nerd's dreams.

Here's the deal. Former employees sued the government a few years ago about injuries they sustained while working with toxic substances at area 51. Here's the kicker -- President Clinton, the so called champion of environmentalism, signed an executive order granting to area 51 exemption from EPA reporting requirements. National security was the lame excuse.

It's all on public record in the Federal court system. Read about it in this Wikipedia article. I came across it during my usual perusing of conspiracy theory websites.

Personally I don't give chicken scratch about environmental laws, but the fact that Mr. Democrat Tree-hugger President Bill Clinton exempted the Air Force from consequences of poisoning their workers. But then again, maybe Monica signed the order for him when he wasn't looking.

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