Monday, February 02, 2009

$120,000? Oops. Didn't See That.

Senate Democrat Tom Daschle understated his taxes in the past by at least $120,000. This from a guy who sits on Senate committees that oversee the IRS.

Conflict of interest? According to the Demc-Rats, none at all.

Now President Hussein wants to make him the Health Secretary (Associated Press). When Senate G.O.P. members called Daschle to account, his basic response is "it was a mistake. Nobody's perfect." I'm no senator, but my elementary school math is good enough to tell me when my calculations are off by $120,000.

This is the same legislator who crusaded in '98 for "no mercy" prosecution of tax-cheats (Breitbart TV). It seems that bathroom gay Republicans aren't the only HYPOCRITES. The 'Pubs just wanna have fun, while the Dems want to legally crucify people for doing what Dems routinely get away with.

So, does that mean if I cheat on $120,000 worth of taxes, I can get away with saying "oops?" Probably not. I'd get locked up in Ft. Leavenworth faster than you can say "Montana cult-compound."

President Hussein is still firmly intent on appointing Daschle as Health Secretary. It's a throwback to the days when President Bubba got caught playing with cigars, and all the DemonRats shouted "character doesn't count!"

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