Friday, April 04, 2008

Crime And Punishment

U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner handed down a death sentence in Kansas City Federal Court to a woman convicted of killing a pregnant mother and taking the baby from the mother's womb. The victim had been found strangled in her home with the womb cut open.

Read the article here at CNN dotcom. [link] Anybody see a precedent here?

Communist China forcibly tears un-approved fetuses from women's wombs, often without anesthesia, often without regard for the mother's survival. What judgement are we making upon that?


According to liberals, it's OK for China to get away with that because they're a "progressive" Socialist state. If that's the case, then we can just call the convicted woman in Kansas City an "overpopulation reformer," just like liberals do when they use creative euphemisms to hide their insanity.

Now, if we can just identify Liberals while they're in the womb, then we can have them "volunteer" for "population reduction."

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