Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello, China: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Olympic fans worldwide have been following the saga of The Torch relay in recent news. So far, every city that has hosted the relay has had to deal with protesters trying to raise awareness of China's human rights abuses.

Naturally, the potentates in Beijing are huffing and puffing, throwing tantrums like whiny children about the protests.

Special message to China: GROW UP, AND GET OVER IT -- get democracy, join the rest of the free world and acknowledge the human right of free speech. Communism and dictatorship are an anachronism from a previous century.

Every night I thank God that I live in the U.S.

Although China just loves to point out faults with America, I can rest assured that here in America I can speak freely without being thrown into jail and have torture instruments rammed into all my openings, like China does to their protesters.

I thank God that my wife has been free to bare her fourth child in peace and happiness here in America -- unlike China, where my wife and I both would have been thrown in prison, with our child forcibly aborted and my kidneys forcibly taken for sale on the black market.

While I never condone breaking the law, I will always give my praises to any person, liberal or conservative, who dares to stand up to China and their forced mass consensus.

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