Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright Is Wrong.

Just when Barack Obama thought the "Reverend Wright episode" was safely behind him, the most dis-honorable Reverend tops himself with more shrill, hysterical Marxist rhetoric.

This week the combative so-called Christian pastor made sweeping accusations that the Federal government engineered A.I.D.S. purposely to wipe out minorities. Wright also sarcastically sneered at Obama's denouncements of Wright's earlier "God Damn America" sermon. Wright says that Obama will say anything he needs to say to get elected, effectively calling him a liar. I'm no fan of Obama to be sure, but as a common citizen I believe Wright's venom toward his loyal parishioner Obama are viscious, dastardly, and uncalled for.

See the article at MSNBC. [link]

I'm aware that Obama has had a pro-Marxist background [link] with connections to the Communist Party USA, but interestingly enough I want to believe him when he says he wants to forge common ground in the center. Un-Reverend Wright, on the other hand, is only using Obama's spotlight simply to further his own bombastic moon-bat shriekings and howlings.

I have a message for Reverend Wright and his "God Damn America" sermon: If America is such a bad place for you, then go the F* back to Africa. I dare you to set up a lucrative ministry in Darfur or Zimbabwe, and try to earn the same amount of cash in your offering plate.

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