Thursday, December 27, 2007

Islamic Capital Crime -- Getting A Manicure

If a sweet, innocent bride in Iraq wants to look pretty on her wedding day, she has to do it in secret. She has to get her beauty work done in underground, back alley salons. If she gets caught, local Islamo-Nazi's will blow her up. If they're in a good mood, they'll only shoot her.

Read about the thriving underground beauty salon industry in Iraq, in this article by Yahoo News.

In "The Art of War," philosopher Sun Tzu wrote: "If your enemy is quick to anger, seek to infuriate him."

Since we see that the beauty of women makes the Jihadi-Nazi's so angry, we must do all we can to help Islamic women get what they need to beautify themselves as much as possible. We need to be flooding Iraq with VOGUE and COSMOPOLITAN by the plane-load. We need to open up bikini boutiques and bridal shops. We need to send them lingerie and prom dresses. We need to get Jose Eber to pack up his scissors and blow dryer and parachute him behind enemy lines.

In the 1960's, American Liberals chanted "question authority" as their mantra. Maybe it's time we spread that abroad. Liberals should be on the front lines of questioning authority in Iraq, they should be marching the streets throwing around shampoo samples. A little known fact of history is that few autocratic regimes can survive the mass disapproval of their women. Empires rise and fall on the support of their wives, mothers, and sisters.

Lipstick Divas of the Iraqi people, arise!

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