Monday, December 17, 2007

Sacre Bleu! Such Scandal!

It seems the Burgomeisters over in Belgium are choking on their chocolates, because a disaster has occured. They have crowned a Miss Belgium who doesn't understand a lick of Dutch. She speaks only French, Czech, and English. (Oh, is THAT all....) Now just what is the world coming to, these days?

Read the article at Yahoo! News.

They should count themselves lucky, really. Thanks to our illustrious, communist-filled education establishment, OUR beauty queens can barely even speak their OWN language. (Have a heart.... Ebonics isn't easy, you know!)

I hope they haven't done a background check -- they just might find her posing nude in Playboy with one of OUR beauty queens, after a night in the tank for D.U.I.

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