Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Called "Glorious Socialist Progress" #19

In recent days, Chinese authorities have cracked down on Internet dissidents, ahead of the impending government sponsored mass advertisement called the "Olympic Games."

Read about the plight of Mr. Wang Dejia, who was recently arrested for his words on the internet, in this article at Yahoo! News.

It makes me laugh, just how COWARDLY the Soviet Chinese government is.

They're so afraid of people who criticize them on the Internet, they arrest them all and jail them indefinitely, without habeas corpus or timely trial, and they execute many. The only crime these people are guilty of is words on a computer screen. The big, mighty, glorious, "progressive" socialist state of China is afraid of mere words, the way a little child fears shadows in the closet.

While police departments around the world deal with REAL criminals like murderers and drug traffickers, China cares more about executing students, poets, and philosophers. The real injustice is that we continue to pour billions of dollars of trade into their pockets, then issue mamby-pamby resolutions in the U.N. reprimanding North Korea for the same things we ignore in China.

Such hypocrisy boggles the mind.

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