Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pharisee Chavez

Whenever you deal with any kind of left wing government that is always visibly critical of the United States, inevitably you will always find a white-washed sepulchre piled to the brim with filth, rot, and bones.

In recent days, loyal supporters of Hugo Chavez and his socialist administration have been calling for him to come clean about rampant corruption. They are publicly calling upon him to "cleanse the inner vessel." Chavez is refusing, naturally, just like any bombastic communist blow-hard would do.

Read about it in this article at The Miami Herald.

It remains up to us as right wing bloggers to publicly call out such baloney and shenanigans, because the liberal journalists in America sure won't do it. They're too busy trying to ram through congress laws specifically designed to silence conservative bloggers and conservative talk radio.

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