Thursday, December 14, 2006

Glo-baloney Warming.

The Yahoo! Daily Pravda has outdone itself with their liberal bias. The headline on their front page screams "the debate is over" about global warming. When you follow the link, the headline reads that "some" scientists "say" the debate is over. [Yahoo propoganda page on Global Warming]

Nowhere on their super-slick, spin-drenched page do they mention the mountains of skeptical dissent within the scientific community. They quote, cite, and refer to only those scientists and studies that support their view of global environmentalist dictatorship.

Scientific skeptics are always fond of saying: "Where extraordinary claims are made, extraordinary proof is required." They say that about religion and the paranormal. But when it comes to supporting a global watch-dog dictatorship of environmental law enforcement, they fall over themselves to outdo one another in their fawning worship of phony psuedo-science.

Take a look at The Center For Competitive Enterprise. They'll give you the skinny on globaloney warming junk science.

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