Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yes Virginia, There ARE Weapons of Mass Destruction

The last remnants of Saddam's mega-ton stockpile of "yellowcake" uranium reached safe storage in Canada today. "Yellowcake" is basic material from which weapons grade nuclear material is made.

Now I ask you -- in a country that is filled to the brim with state owned oil reserves, why would they need such nuclear material, unless they were going to use it for weapons? Anyone who seriously believes Saddam was going to use the Uranium for energy purposes is either an absolute fool, or an anti-American moon-bat propagandist. We all know damn well it was meant for use in Weapons of Mass Destruction.

As much as I've criticized my own party, I have always supported the G.O.P. and President Bush in the war on terror. I have always been pro-victory. This latest development shows that Saddam was a serious security risk in a region that the world depends on for petroleum.

Liberal traitors all shout "no blood for oil!" Well guess what? All wars are fought for economic reasons, I don't care what anyone says. England levied heavy taxes and disrupted our home industries in The Revolution. Southern finance threatened the power of the Eastern bankers before The Civil War. FDR knew about the German concentration camps, but did nothing until Hitler declared war on us first and destroyed all of our Atlantic shipping. Japan threatened our financial interests in the Pacific, especially where we had mines, fisheries, and plantations. China threatened to seize all of our mines, factories, and plantations in SouthEast Asia, through their puppets the Koreans and the Vietnamese.

I say HELL YES -- BLOOD FOR OIL. Any nation who threatens our economic interests and financial security needs to understand that if they mess with us, they'll reap the whirlwind.

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