Saturday, August 02, 2008


You know how much I've been ranting about how stupid the FDA and the CDC are. For months now, I've been a lone voice in the wilderness, shouting the gospel truth from the housetops, while society blissfully ignores the truth, oblivious to the invasion of Babylon.


It took several months, thousands of man hours, and millions of dollars to discover something I could have told them from day one. When you read the article mentioned above, notice the presence of the words "contaminated irrigation water." It seems the article's publishers were too cravenly afraid of the Mexican Agribusiness Lobby to use the true term "raw sewage."

Congressional pundits from both parties are savagely criticizing the FDA and the CDC, when the truth of the matter is that 90% of the blame rests upon Congress. They are the ones who have consistently refused to give real teeth to the FDA and the CDC, because of all the "special considerations" they receive from FOREIGN AGRI-BUSINESS LOBBIES.

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