Thursday, December 04, 2008

Biased Poll Blames Religion

The Public Policy Institute, a well known fountain of gushing socialist propaganda, issued the results of their latest so called poll. They say that religion is to blame for the loss of proposition 8 in California. Read about it here at the Associated Press. [link]

I seriously doubt that in the Socialist Republic of California, which voted for Obama by a landside, there are really that many conservative religious persons. I expect that there would be far more East Asian guru religions, Quakers, and Wiccans in Commie-fornia than there would be any Christians. What the Institute is really trying to say is "blame the Christians! Target THEM!" It's so obvious it makes me laugh.

If the poll results are reliable, which is doubtful, why does it matter what voters' reasons were? Who cares? The voice of the majority has spoken. That's what happens in a Democracy. It's time that liberals stop trying to blame lack of support on conspiracy theories about religion supposedly trying to subvert control over the country. It's time that liberals accept the fact that people, religious or otherwise, don't want to be forced into decisions by strong-arm protest-politics.

There is nothing in the constitution that forbids individual citizens. from having religious reasons for their voting choices. Nothing. In fact, somewhere buried in the document that atheists ignore, is a quaint old fashioned little concept called "freedom" of religion.

If the people of California oppose gay marriage, then that's what it is -- no more, no less. Stop whining about religious conspiracy theories and accept the fact that the majority has spoken, regardless of what their reasons are.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

I think the Public Policy Institute has been bought out by Queer Nation, GLAAD, & NAMBLA. That's why the protest isn't over until the fat lezzies scream! Also the turd burlgars are a bunch of girly men playing pokee man, and poker. Since religion and the public majority "hurt their feelings" as the political turd burglar Barney Frank would say, they're scapegoating religion; their usual moonbat's squawking point.