Monday, September 10, 2007

The Latest Salvo From the Defeat-o-Crat Treason Lobby.

Communist Democrat front group recently sponsored an ad in Monday's edition of The New York Times, America's version of the Soviet Pravda. The ad attacks General David Patraeus and questions his reporting of financial facts to the White House.

Bold letters in the ad spell out the phrase "Gen. Patraeus, or Gen. Betray Us?" They are implying that a distinguished four star general is a traitor to his country. Maybe I should imply that is a Communist Party in sheep's clothing, who should be shot at dawn as traitors to our national security, just like they used to do to traitors in the former Soviet Union?

GOP officials are outraged by the ad, and demand an apology.

The ad doesn't surprise me, really. What I find interesting is that liberals resort to emotional name calling sooner than engage in a rational discussion of the facts. If the General needs to be questioned about his numbers, so be it, but regardless -- the man is willing to fight to defend our country, and his only interest is defeating terrorism and the jihadist enemies of freedom.

When Bill Clinton got busted for making a painting on Monica Lewinski's dress, all the Democrats could say was "character doesn't count, as long as he is an effective leader." Guess what? Democrat chickens have come home to roost. Who cares if Gen Patraeus cooks the numbers. According to Democrats, character doesn't count. As long as he is a skilled and experienced tactical leader, who cares?

Liberals will stop at nothing to demoralize, derail, and demolish the war on terror. If name calling is the order of the day, then I feel justified in saying that all anti-war activists are TRAITORS to our country. They should be grateful that this isn't the former Soviet Union, where treason was rewarded with death.

That idea, actually, is very intriguing.

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