Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yup. Still There.

Lest any liberal moonbat harbors illusions that the war on terror is over, I refer them to the following news article, [link] dated today, discussing the arrest of Islamic terrorists in Germany whose plans to blow things up were "imminent."

The article mentions that the suspects were trained at terrorist camps in Pakistan, and they are members of a pan-Middle-Eastern terrorist NETWORK.

Yes, Liberal moonbats, read my lips: "terrorist N E T W O R K"

Wherever a "network" exists, by definition there also exists infrastructure to perpetuate that network's purposes INTO THE FUTURE. People don't build networks simply to disband them the next day. Obviously they intend to continue their terror for as long as they can possibly manage.

Any Pinko-Donkey Defeat-o-Crat who says there's no more terrorist threat needs to get their head out of the ground, wake up, and join the rest of the nation in defending our safety and our interests.

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