Thursday, March 27, 2008

Commies Aren't Cool

For years, Cuba has been a darling of the liberal media. They blithely gloss over its abuses, and then trumpet loud fanfares over minor positive details that don't amount to much.

Here's another item that questions the liberal adoration of their socialist "utopia."

It's seems that the so-called "democracy" of Cuba still cannot handle dissent of any kind, just like American Liberals. Like China, they regularly engage in Internet censorship. Not that it matters, really -- a large number of Cubans don't have access to the Internet, much less own computers, or have reliable power to their homes to begin with.

Cuban dissenter Yoanis Sanchez has been denouncing the "island paradise" on her blog. She says sarcastically that perhaps Cuba would benefit more from a "pragmatic housewife" as a leader, compared to the mess left behind by Castro and his gang. Naturally, her blog has been blocked in Cuba.

Read the article here at MSNBC dotcom. [link]

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