Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scribes And Pharisees

After years of ranting and railing against the evils and abuses of "big money," Democrat Eliot Spitzer has recently resigned as New York Governor after getting caught "red" handed with a very high priced call girl. It turns out this limousine liberal heir to a real estate fortune spent thousands of his inherited dollars for several years on call girls who fetch as much as $5500 and hour.

Let's do the math, shall we?

How many school lunches could all that money have bought? How many prescriptions could that have filled for senior citizens? How many soldiers could have been given better armour? How many vets could have gone to school?

Whenever Republicans get caught with their pants down, Democrats love to call them hypocrites. But whenever a wealthy limousine liberal Democrat gets caught, all they can say is "character doesn't count." They say he deserves his money as a reward for helping the people.

"Spitzer got ahead the hard way: by having to have an awkward conversation with his wealthy father. In Spitzer's case, that resulted in a multi-million dollar loan his father, Bernard Spitzer, gave him when he ran for Attorney General in 1998. It was revealed that Spitzer lied about it and claimed that he secured the $5 million loan by mortgaging apartments his father had given him. It was later revealed that his father was actually paying off the loans and, therefore, was financing his campaign."

(Read his bio at DickiPedia.)

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