Monday, June 15, 2009

One For You, Six for Me....

International elections analysts, who are experts at monitoring elections in corrupt countries, are now asking how 40 million votes can be counted and winner declared in only a matter of hours during the recent questionable Iranian presidential election.

Read about it here at Yahoo! News.

The answer is simple: the ruling Islamic leaders in Iran are LIARS and CHEATERS. In capital letters. For all these years, Islam has been self-righteously pontificating about the moral failings of Western culture. Islamic culture is supposedly God-inspired and more pure.

Jesus. Don't make me laugh.

It turns out, after all that self-righteous puffery out of Eastern Islam, they are more corrupt and shadier than a small town Sheriff in the American South. Considering how Iranian authorities are beating and shooting election protestors, Eastern Islam could teach Al Capone a thing or two about how to conduct "business."

So where is The Ayatollah during all of this? Where is all his fiery speech about Western corruption now? Right. I thought so.

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