Saturday, June 06, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #25

A certain Mr. Ishaq Kanmi, 23, of Blackburn, Lancashire England, has been arrested and faces charges after insisting publicly that Muslims should murder the Prime Minister. Here is the write up at BBC News.

After all of the pandering the British Government has done to molly-coddle and satisfy the whims of their Muslim constituents, I'm surprised that their Bobbies had enough brass on their uniforms to actually carry out the arrest.

Authorities issued this comment: "His loyalty to his form of Islam exceeds his loyalty to this country."

Oh really? You think? Call Scotland Yard on this one, and consult with the experts at Oxford. Maybe he was just joking around. Ah yes, of course! A joke by George, that's what it is, he didn't mean it!



Red S Tater said...

Now wait Bucky... you're being really hard on the religion of peace... I mean after the Islamists slaughter everyone else, there will be peace... right?

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Keep swatting those flies Bucky!