Friday, May 29, 2009

If You Believe That, I've Got Some Land In The Swamp I Want To Sell You.

Former Gen. Colon Bowel, in the recent exchanges between himself and core conservatives, staunchly insists "I'm still a Republican!"

Really, now. You could have fooled me.

Here's the write up: CNN Political Ticker (I generally try to avoid quoting "Communist News Network," but they'll do for today.)

He's still prattling on about how we need to "widen" the party base, and be more "inclusive." TRANSLATION: "We're loosing elections and our pensions, so we have to sell out core conservative principles and pander to the voting public."

History has a precedent for that -- The Roman Empire. Toward the end, Emperors and Senators got elected based on how well they pandered to voters with "bread and circuses." They bankrupted the treasury and wrecked the economy in the process. R.I.N.O.s in the Republican Party want to do the same thing.

Read my lips: Moderates, please defect. Get out of the party if it doesn't suit you. The rest of us honest and legitimate conservatives won't miss you. Trust me.


mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

General Colon Bowel's been eating too much moonbat tripe stew!

Red S Tater said...

An invite to please consider my call for bloggers to unite behind true conservative Duncan Hunter asking him to step forward.. at Conservative Bloggers Unite: A call to Service for Duncan Hunter

Red S Tater said...

It's interesting that all these lefties and pretend conservatives insist on telling real conservatives how to define conservatism.