Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sacre Bleu! Brace Yourselves For....."Dijon-gate"

Recently President Hussein and his super side-kick Joe Biden hopped out of the "Hope"-mobile and popped into an ordinary burger joint. Interestingly enough, the (allegedly) non-biased liberal cheerleader MSNBC crews "just happened" to be there to record and hype this particularly droll non-event as a "lunch with the guys" kind of thing.

(Here's the write-up at "Legal Insurrection.")

The fun started when President ordered Dijon mustard on his burger. For some strange reason, MSNBC obscured the audio over those words at that point. It seems the liberal press was paranoid their Messiah would be criticized over his choice of a French condiment, so they covered it up.

Conservative commentators around the country sensed a prime opportunity for fresh mockery, like sharks catching the scent of blood in the water. Naturally, sarcasm came to the fore and they all had a good time lampooning MSNBC's devotion to Obama so feverish that they fear public knowledge of his mustard.

Then, all hell broke loose. Liberals not in on the joke have been whipping up a firestorm over this NON-EVENT, accusing the conservatives of doing the very thing that MSNBC was paranoid about. Totally unable to recognize humor when they see it, the liberals shrieked: "Those mean conservatives are criticizing our Messiah for his choice of mustard! Burn the conservative heretics!"

The truth is, conservatives could care less what Mr. Hussein has on his burger.

The fact of the matter is that liberal media has gotten so hysterical nowadays that they feel they have to sanitize a video of Mr. Hussein eating a burger. I find it interesting that the animal-rights and vegitarian armies have been strangely silent over the episode -- after all, their Messiah was seen eating unholy things like meat.

I get the feeling that if I opened up a shop filled with Obama candles, Obama altars, and Obama coffee mugs I could make one heck of a profit -- especially if I set it up outside MSNBC headquarters.


Socialist Jew said...

I came here to get a rightist perspective on the 'mustard' joke, but dude, you have a photograph of an American plane (Air Force One) about to crash into the Kaaba in Mecca, apparently during the Haj, on an ad on this page! What the fuck is wrong with you? Anyone who would look approvingly at that is a kindred soul with Bin Ladin himself. The message - 'get even' - is tempting though. You people have taken a great republic - the United States of America - and tried your god damnedest to turn it into a banana republic. Banning the Republican Party, arresting its leaders, burning the American Enterprise Institute to the ground - those all sound like great ideas when I'm reading the stories of the latest 18 and 19 year olds killed in your wars (fighting enemies your deity Reagan used to fund). However, after a few seconds I shake off the rage and remember the benefits of human rights and democracy and the American way of life. I had similar thoughts the afternoon of 9/11/01, spending much of the afternoon thinking up a revenge that included the culprit, a helicopter with a harness on it, a lack of pants, and the spire of the Empire State Building. But however consoling it was for those few minutes to imagine my city's revenge on its attackers in such a grotesque way (NYC literally raping the terrorists) I pretty quickly snapped out of it, because - duh - we're America and we don't do that. Hate and genocide is NEVER acceptable and if you think it is in order to defend your country, then the country you are defending sure as shit ain't the United States of America.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

Relax, moron. It's only a blog, for crying out loud. What -- I'm not allowed a sense of humor?

Of course I don't want to fly a plane into Mecca. Innocent pilgrims would die for the sins of their leaders.

I only wanted to get terrorist supporters thinking. What if we did that? Maybe they would think twice before trying another 911.

I love how you are so filled with "rage." That is only typical of a Marxist Liberal who has no tolerance for anyone else's viewpoints. You proved Mr. Buckley right. Liberals are hypocrites about "tolerance."

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

If conservative politics makes you so filled with "rage," perhaps it's time you got some therapy to resolve your "rage."

Me, I have no "rage" like you liberals. I only have contempt and scorn for you.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

By the way, I have already received death threats from liberals like yourself, over the Mecca picture. You guys know nothing of tolerance. F* you.

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

I find it interesting that a Jewish person such as yourself would be speaking in favor of Islamic people who want nothing less than to completely destroy his Jewish homeland and annihilate his people.

What kind of a moron are you?

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


This clown is a Muzzle in a Jewish body! He's nothing more than a Judas Iscariot to his people!

rattrapper said...

Socialist Jew: you claim you're a Jewish person , but you act like a Muslim. I'd run from the liberals if I were you! You've been brainwashed into joining the commies!

Bucky, mystere & I have made use of your Obama picture, making the head court jester useful! If there's either a Hardees or Carl's Jr. in your area, we've created a link on my site for discount coupons. Feel free to click on any time! MMM! BURGERS!! MMM!!!