Saturday, October 31, 2009

"It's Still The Economy, Stupid!" #3

In recent news, economists and experts still predict continuing job losses into next year:
Read about it HERE. Yet all during that bloodletting, the administration of Saint Barrack is crowing that their stimulus created 650,000 jobs. Who do you believe?

Since the total U.S. population is estimated to be 305 MILLION people, that works out to be one new job for every 470 people, approximately (if my socialist educator's union inspired "new math" serves me correctly.)


One MEASLY job that every 470 people in the United States have to share. That's not an economic stimulus package. It's a stimulated package alright, but not an economic one. Of course this is assuming that the numbers from Saint Barrack's administration are actually true, and given the Demonrat track record of using phony numbers to shore up a sagging Global Warming theory, it is highly doubtful.

In other news of course, the Fed yesterday seized a bank in L.A., making the FOURTH LARGEST BANK FAILURE so far. Now tell me: with no end to the cascade of job losses in sight, and no end to the bank failures in sight, what makes the Demonrats think that adding a wasteful and costly healthcare bureaucracy is any kind of help to the economy?

Hello, Earth to Demonrats -- "Its still the economy, stupid."

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