Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tin Plate Medals for Good Little Socialists.

By now most everyone has heard that President Hussein has been awarded The Nobel Peace Prize. By now, quite a few people the world over are scratching their heads thinking:


I mean, really. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and the Pope are people who win international peace prizes. A basketball organizer from Chicago who uses verbal hypnosis in his campaign speeches all the way to the white house, who is sworn into office only two weeks prior to the deadline for the first nominations for the award, actually receives the prize.

What in the hell has this guy done in the same league as Gandhi and Mother Theresa? In only two weeks, no less? I'll even go so far as saying that Nelson Mendella, a prominent liberal, has done a multitude of things more to deserve a Nobel Prize than President Barrack.

Now to be fair, they don't give the award to just anybody. Only the most popular socialists and Marxists receive the award. Left wing popularity is key, you know.

What little respect I had at all for the Nobel Prize committee has vanished. What was once an institution with at least some modicum of good intention has now degenerated into a rubber-stamp ratifier of Liberal popularity, never mind any kind of worthiness. They are a propaganda organization now, nothing more.

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