Thursday, December 03, 2009

Liberals Whine About Religious BBQ In Nepal

In recent days, Hindus in Nepal began celebrating very important religious rites that involved the sacrifice of several thousand animals. Read about it HERE.

Naturally, plenty of morons from the animal rights crowd were on hand to protest.

Even without the festival, the animals would have been eaten anyway, during the normal course of daily living for the participants. The only difference here is that there is religious ceremony involved. Because the animals are going to be publicly dispatched en masse, the pinko animal-righters have to get involved. Not to be outdone, intellectuals from local universities make patronizing comments about how it takes time to change “primitive” traditions, but eventually they will be changed.

Liberals are all talk about tolerance and freedom of speech, accept when it comes to having a Barbecue. Then they become hypocrites and want to force change on other people's religions. I'll tell you one thing -- if any liberal professor wants to change my own “primitive” religious traditions, I'll give him FIVE PRIMITIVE REASONS in his face why he'll never succeed.

Next time the Nepalese Hindus hold this festival, I think I'm going have a big barbecue too, in my own back yard, to show them my support and solidarity.

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