Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Students Make the District, Not Money.

Beverly Hills school district is struggling with budget shortfalls -- they pay more in education taxes to the state than the district receives in subsidies from the state. As a result, the district is preparing plans to discontinue admitting nonresident students.

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Naturally, liberal pundits are all up in arms about class and taxes, and about forcing the wealthy suburbs to subsidize inner city districts. I have to be honest -- if my kids were all of a sudden going to be sent to a school district filled with underage pregnancy, welfare mamas, crack dealers, and gun-toting gangsters, I'd be unhappy too. I'd sell my house at a loss (and many will have to) just to move my kids away from the cesspool that the Los Angeles school district has become.

Liberals are pontificating -- "it's all about the money!" They say that the L.A. district is the way it is because of poverty. I'm sorry, but I don't buy that. Here in Oklahoma, 19th century farm kids were poor as church mice and attended school in one room shacks, but they graduated knowing more than most modern college students. You could literally shove money into the pockets of every person in L.A. school district, but I guarantee it would remain the same crap hole.

Throwing money at things does not solve problems. I'm here to tell you that the problem with the L.A. district is not about the money -- it's about the low quality of people; period, end of story. Notice I have said absolutely nothing about ethnic factors.

I don't blame the Beverly Hills District for cutting out nonresident students. I especially don't blame parents of those students if they want to move to greener pastures. It's their right as Americans. Anybody who says they should be forced to stay and subject their kids to an inner city cesspool district is a Marxist, and anti-American.

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