Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Still The Economy, Stupid (#5)

MSNBC posted an article about Wal Mart'S reduced sales figureS in the holiday quarter of last year. Naturally, they gloat with Marxist enthusiasm over this chink in the armor of an evil capitalist institution like mass merchandiser Wal Mart.

MSNBC explains it away as the result of increased competition from other discount merchandisers, who they say are getting better at luring in more discount shoppers. Savvy journalists that they pride themselves to be, MSNBC ended up missing the broader implication of what they said.

Wal Marts sales losses are evidence that the economy still sucks, and it isn't getting any better, contrary to what Mao-Bama pundits are saying. The fact that retailers are competing even harder for discount shoppers only goes to prove my point.

So, how's the whole "hope-y change-y" thing going for you? So far the only change I see is change I can put in a jar. Demonrats are going to saddle the public with a deficit busting new bureaucracy, their "stimulated packages" are not working, and the American people are worse off.


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