Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Still The Economy, Stupid. #4

I just love making fun of James Carville's famous tag line he used against Bush Sr. during the Clinton campaign. Here's why: with all the bally hoo about Mao-Bama's promise of “change,” it seems than nowadays the only thing changing is that the soup lines at shelters around the country are getting longer.

While Mao-Bama and his gang of Demon-rats are shuckin' and jivin' to pass a cost bloated bureaucracy onto the American voters and increase the deficit, very little is being done at all about economic recovery for the little guy. Banks are getting bail outs and profits are pouring into Wall Street, but John Q. Public is out living ON the street.

News about the increase in homelessness is all the rage these days. Instead of taking responsibility for it and dealing with the problem, Demonrats are content to sit back and say the Republicans are blocking their legislation, it's all their fault. Hogwash.

Etc., etc.

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