Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can't Have Your Cake, and Eat It, Too.

Let me go on record and say that I support Israel, I denounce the holocaust, and I denounce the Swiss Bankers who looted the survivors.

That being said, however, let me present this:

The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement [link] calling on Dr. James Dobson to apologize for his comparison of stem-cell research to Nazi medical experiments. The ADL insists there is no "legitimate comparison" between the two. They say his statement is an insult to the survivors and jewish people.

First off, the Nazi's experimented on EVERYONE, not just Jews, and they sent to the gas chambers EVERYONE, not just Jews. The ADL needs to get over themselves, thinking that they're a cut above any of the non-Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Second, if the ADL is really serious about this position, then they are guilty of "situational ethics" and "moral relativism." It's ok to destroy millions of human embryos for research, but it's not ok to destroy millions of humans who *came* from embryos for research. Just where exactly does one draw the line? Today, it's stem cells, tomorrow, they'll need to research on infants, the next day, teens.

Saying that it is to heal suffering people is not an acceptable argument. Such a statement cheapens human life at all stages, just as the Nazi's cheapened prisoner's lives, no matter what their nationality. THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS, no matter how noble those ends may *seem* to be.

I really hope the ADL seriously reconsiders their SOCIALIST "moral relativism," or in my mind they will be just as despicable as the Communist Chinese doctors who force women down onto tables and sterilize them, sometimes without anesthetics. The Communist Chinese try to justify their mass aborti-cides with the cry that they can't feed every one. THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS. If the ADL sticks with their "situational ethics," then they are in league with the Chinese Communists.

Did not JHVH-God say "Thou shalt not kill?"

Jesus said "Wo unto you, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye swallow camels and strain at gnats! [you obsess over little sins and ignore greater ones] Ye pay tithes of mint, anise, and cumin, but ignore the weightier matters of the Mosaic Law, such as justice, mercy, and faith!"

I support Jews who respect life. I do not support sectarian Semites who favor socialist population control eugenics.

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