Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Economics 101: Point of Diminishing Returns.

Any first year economics major in college can tell you about the law of diminishing returns. Simply stated, there comes a certain point in any enterprise or process where increased investment doesn't necessarily translate into increased productivity.

Let me quote what HollyWeird insiders have told Yahoo News:
"There is a definitive, palpable change in climate. Stars' demands have gotten so over-the-top, and they've gotten so petulant. And the studios, because they're part of publicly traded companies, have to maintain quarterly results, I do think they are less intimidated by the stars."

"I think we're more willing to say 'no' now. ... We're finding the more we pay, the less our profit margin is and the less people appreciate the risk that we're taking." (Read the full article here.)

This goes to prove what I have felt all along. The day has come when people are tired of the gonzo religions and hippy-dippy-domestic-terrorist politics of pampered celebrities. It's as if the "Natalie Maines" affair has prompted the whole nation to rise up and cry out "Enough! Shut up and perform!"

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