Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thank God For Counter-Intelligence (not!)

Remember the news event about the V.A. laptop that an administrator took home, against policy, and lost to a break-in robbery?

It seems that at least the F.B.I. is at least a little bit on the ball. They managed to catch up to the juvenilles who did the break-in and got the laptops back. Luckily for 26 million veterans and military personel, the kids had no idea what was on the laptop. (If they had, they could have gotten a king's ransom from criminals or foreign governments for the information.)

See the article here:
Two Teens Accused [link]

The whole event shows just how much of a laughing stock our national security is. Our military people are sacrificing their lives on the battlefield, our intelligence operatives are sacrificing their lives overseas to protect our secrets, and some moron bureaucrat just leaves classified, private information for 26 million people laying around his house.

Why don't they just save our enemies some time and just go walk into their embassies and physically hand over our secrets to them? We practically do that any way, so why not? We might as well open Area 51 and Los Alamos to the general public and give tours, complete with pretty blonde tour-guides and souvenir shops with cheap T-shirts and painted whiskey glasses. It wouldn't make a single bit of difference.

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