Sunday, January 14, 2007

It Still Amazes Me.

Just when you thought that the average American high-school graduate couldn't be any MORE stupid, they top themselves.

I was searching through "Yahoo! Answers" today. Some moron actually had the timerity to ask where Tibet was and why anyone should be concerned about it. This person had no idea where the place is, why the Communist Chinese took it over by invasionary force, or why the Communist Chinese routinely torture and murder Tibetans.

I never cracked a Geography book in my life, yet even a no-name conservative blogger like me knows where Tibet is. I just couldn't believe it. Are the youth of today THAT out of touch? Are they so busy listening to Brittany Spears and playing their video games that they have no idea they are lucky not to be rotting away in a Communist prison cell on the other side of the world?

If our youth are that stupid, I fear for our future. (here is the link to the article at Yahoo!)

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