Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Slap A Racism Label On It

White suburbs in Atlanta who pay 42 percent of county taxes but make up only 29 percent of the population are wanting to form their own county. Black Democrats in the State Legislature are crying "racism," mainly because the black neighborhoods in the county will loose millions of dollars of benefits and programs.

Any time you try to cut off welfare to blacks, they label you a racist. I guess these people are too ignorant about political history. The Roman Empire collapsed because it's rulers bankrupted the treasury giving handouts and pork barrel fat to the populace. The Soviet Union collapsed basically because it went broke. Cuba finally had to develop more tourism because they were going broke. Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, North Vietnam, China, all same.

Time and time again, history has proven that Robin Hood politics does not work. If you rob from the rich too often, then EVERYONE becomes poor. But I guess believing that would make me a racist, as if I were some wild-eyed, bald headed hooligan with Doc Marten boots and a baseball bat. *NOT*

(read the article at Yahoo! News)

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