Monday, May 28, 2007

So-Called "Islamic Peace" (part #13)

The web is full of news reports detailing the rape, beating, and jailing of Darfur refugee women, perpetrated by Arab men. These reports always "conveniently" leave out the fact that the Arab men doing the raping are in fact Islamic. Below are a few examples:
  1. Girls as young as seven or eight are raped. (Nt'l Org. For Women)
  2. Fifteen year old raped, then jailed for "fornication." (The Age Dotcom)
  3. Rape is used by Arab militia as a weapon of war. (Amnesty International)
  4. Sudanese Police turns a blind eye to charges. (Relief Web Dot Int.)
  5. Arab militia says they want to "wipe blacks out." (New York Times)
  6. Women victims have no access to reproductive health services. (Peace Women Dot Org)
The list goes on and on. Notice that I quoted Left Wing liberal sources. Of course, not one of them mentions the fact that the Arab militiamen are Islamic. Oh, what Irony.

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