Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Tube Is Anti-Semitic

Take a look at this post over at "Jihad Watch."

The brass tacks of the whole deal is that YouTube will ban any video that criticizes Islam, while it permanently leaves in place all videos that show hatred for Jews. Of course this is typical Liberal Moonbattishness. Liberals always rant about peaceful conservative political-religionists here at home, then they support violent political-religionists over-seas who rape and kill women for dis-honor and bomb open markets filled with civilians.

Liberals make me puke.


Anonymous said...

you are totally right !
youtube ban my videos showing Hamas terrosits killing other phalastinian people for dancing in a wedding!! i got this video from the same guy who video taped it there, but they took it off in a day and canceled my account.
this kind of 2 face liberals makes me wanna puke too...

tom said...

Hi again, check out this link please.
the JIDF ,"Jewish Internet Defense Force" fights against antisemitic websites such as youtube and more.
keep up the good work freedom fighters!