Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrity MoonBat Award Nominee

Liberal media pundits are always harping about how embarrassed they are of the foolish things some Americans do on the world stage. The object of their scorn is usually always a conservative.

Here's one for the Slayer to carp on. Cameron "Commie" Diaz recently toured in Peru wearing a handbag with Communist symbology and slogans printed on it. The people of Peru were not amused.

Maoist guerillas murdered 70,000 or more citizens over the years. They are still unrepentant and defiant about their mayhem. Here comes another stupid American, defiantly waving around symbols of Mao and his executioners, rubbing it in the faces of families who lost loved ones ground to hamburger by communist bombs. About the only thing worse would be to waltz around the offices of tThe Anti-Defamation League waving pictures of Hitler.

I'm proud to be an American, but I am mortified and ashamed of Liberal Americans. Their stupidity and insensitivity just amazes me.

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