Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weather Is Too Nice! Oh, No!

If you're having a moderate Spring or a mild Summer, then fear and tremble! According to Al Gore, it means Global Warming has run amok! Eee Gads! Whatever shall we do?

While the Global Warming Moon-bats are marching around beating their drums, I'm at the park playing frisbee with my kids, enjoying the weather. Did it ever occur to these "sky-is-falling" "chicken-littles" that maybe, just maybe, these variations are part of natural cycles?

Tom DeWeese thinks so. Read his article at Chron-Watch.

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DD2 said...

Al gore is NUTS, his new global warming religion is nuts, they are all nuts. Liberals should be prevented from making films and running for office, they have poisoned the world with their lunacy. The state sponsored Darwinist religion is as big a fraud as this new religion of earth worship, they are all nutty modern day Moonbats