Friday, October 10, 2008

Obaminators Desperate For Votes

Volunteers who support the Obomination are scraping the bottom of the barrel for votes in Ohio, one of the key battle-ground states. They gathered up as many people as they could find from homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and drug re-habs so they could take them to register to vote.Ohio law allows voters to register and vote the same day without having to prove their bona-fides.,2933,433681,00.html

In this embarassing situation we see history repeat itself. Democrats in the deep South relied on bum-voting after the Civil War, in some places buying drinks for voters. (This led to many towns passing laws that closed saloons on voting day.) Tamany Hall in New York City grabbed immigrants right off the boat, gave them jobs and apartments in return for their votes in city elections.

Now that George Soros has bought the Democrat party, it follows that Democrats are headed out to buy votes. Desperation like this could actually be a good sign they can't get enough support in key states. Which means good news for Republicans.

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