Thursday, October 02, 2008

Latest Results Of British Gun Control

Knife crime in Britain has spiraled out of control after the introduction of gun bans. Since criminals can't have guns, knives have become the weapon of choice on British streets. It seems that the only thing gun-control has accomplished is make the violent criminals have to use a little more effort when they kill people.

The latest example is the teen pictured here in this X-ray, who tried to protect a friend from a mugger. The young man is still alive, sans knife, and in stable condition at a hospital.

Read the details HERE, or just Google "Knife British Teen." When you do that, your search results will not only include articles about this chap, but many, many other articles about knife crime in Britain.

British MoonBat lawmakers vow tougher laws against knives as well, but that just shows how incredibly stupid they are. Even the most secure Hi-Max prisons in the American correctional system can't possibly keep control of handmade shanks that inmates secretly produce by the ton. What makes British lawmakers think they can have any kind of control over sharp edges?

Even if they manage to ban every single factory-made knife in the whole United Kingdom, there will still be criminals carrying blades and sharp edges, they same way they do in any prison around the world. As long as any kind of metal, wood, or plastic is available in the environment, sharp edged weapons will ALWAYS exist amongst criminals.


Stupid, stupid, stupid.

We're talking about a nation who produced the dreaded "M.I. - 6," the agency which stood toe-to-toe with Nazi's and Communists in bloody espionage battles over the decades. We're talking about a nation which has produced some of the finest, highly trained and deadliest Special Boat Service commando forces in the world. Yet they can't control teen age punks on the streets of London, and they think weapons laws are the answer. The only result will be that even more defenseless innocent bystanders and victims will die in Britain.

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