Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remember Kids, Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech (#7)

Recently the left-wing censorship group Media Matters has announced they received $1 million from wealthy self loathing limousine liberal businessman George Soros.

The group says they want to hold the Fox network "accountable" for their editorial content. Unless our country has become communist overnight, I believe the First Amendment allows Fox to air whatever opinion they want. Notice how Media Matters conveniently ignores the blatant bias and distortions spewn out by CNN and MSNBC. Just Google the term "CNN bias" and you'll find find plenty of hypocrisy.

I can remember when the conservative group Media Research Center came along, and all the liberals were crying and howling foul, whining that the group fostered "censorship" of liberal media content. Now it seems that Soros and media liberals are doing the same thing they accuse conservatives of doing, censorship. It's a classic case illustrating the two-faced schizophrenia liberals have about freedom of speech, and how much they consider The U.S. Constitution to be an obstacle.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Oh the lib-clowns have done themselves in! Besides Soriass and his goonsquad's trail of blunders, we now got news of Juan Williams getting fired by the Left Wing Extremists at NPR. I wonder how much Soriass paid them to shoot down Johnny's career as a half liberal commentator?