Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As Inevitable As The Tides.

Liberal Moonbats absolutely deplore vigilante justice. They care more about protecting criminals than providing justice for victims. What Moonbats refuse to understand, however, is that no matter how morally disagreable vigilantism may be to them, it will always rise wherever justice is subverted and the guilty go free.

Don't blame the vigilantes. Blame the Socialist justice system that failed them.

Case in point: Guatemala has a situation where 95% of criminals never see charges, a courtroom, or conviction. What do you think the natural response is going to be? [see this article in Yahoo! News.]

As always, the Liberal Moonbats are howling about the terrible vigilantism that has resulted there. If the Moonbats dislike it so much, then the solution is simple: get rid of the inept system that failed the people, and introduce non-corruptible Rule of Law, with teeth.

"You can get more co-operation with a kind word and a bat, than you can with a kind word alone." -- Al Capone.

How ironic that a criminal recognizes truth where supposedly "enlightened" Liberal Moonbats refuse to see it.

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