Monday, July 03, 2006

Very Disturbing.

A recent decision by the Supreme Court says that International Law takes precedence over our own in military actions. Under Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, Bush and any of our soldiers could be charged with "war crimes" and put on trial.

Read the article at Yahoo! News. [link]

My questions are these:
  • What exactly would constitute a "war crime," and who would decide? Would defending our country in the future be considered a "war crime" by somebody?
  • Who would conduct the trial, and how fair would it be? Would there be rules of evidence, juries of peers, habeas corpus, right of cross-examination, and full disclosure?
  • Who would be the jailers, where, for how long, and what would be the conditions of the jail?
  • Exactly where and when did the American people themselves give consent by vote to become subject to international jurisdiction over and above our own national sovereignty?
  • Would I be charged with "war crimes" if I wave the flag and support our troops?
  • Would I be charged with "war crimes" if I used a weapon do defend myself against a violent criminal?
  • Would our Border Patrol and National Guard be charged with "war crimes" if they fire back at Mexican drug gangs who attack them? (Mexican drug violence is epidemic on the border right now.)
  • Would I be charged with "war crimes" for publishing this blog?
Laugh if you want. Many of these ideas have actually been advocated by globalist moonbats. If they have their way, U.N. headquarters in New York will become our new capital.

God help us if it does.

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