Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kevin Sites In The HotZone

I've always long regarded Yahoo! as a total nest of shrieking pinko moonbats, but for once they've published something that colorfully details the bloodshed of a Leftist regime.

Kevin Sites travels the world over and blogs his experiences for Yahoo. In a recent entry [link] he discusses visiting The Killing Fields in Cambodia. The entry mentions how Khmer Rouge soldiers took great delight in tossing babies into the air and skewering them with bayonets, before tossing them into the pits beside their already dead parents.

Behold, my friends, the legacy we inherited from Marx, Engels, and every other Communist spawned by Leftist Europe. Marx insisted that change must be brought about by blood. Well folks, blood is what he got.

Of course, pinko academics whine how the Khmer Rouge were some other kind of rogue political system, and that they weren't really Communists because they didn't follow "true" Communist doctrine. Regardless of doctrine, the Khmer Rouge DID consider themselves Communists, and they *derived* their ideas from Communism. Since Communism is the origin of their doctrine, then Communism is to blame.

It is my sincere hope that Marx and all who follow him roast in Hell, listening to the screams of horror made by all their victims throughout history. It is my sincere hope that any psycho moon-bat in America who tries to *excuse* Communism from all this, be roasted in Hell also.

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